Multitasking tip: find more time for Daily News!

Do you have sometimes difficulties finding time to read daily new papers and follow-up what’s up? In the past I used to miss these very often as I don’t have time to read news during my days at work. And then later on in the evening I usually prefer some lighter reading than “economy is going down again” and “huge storm has hit the coast” etc. : )

I found my own solution to this dilemma by downloading our local news app (Yle Areena) to my phone! This means I can now listen in daily news while walking to work. I usually pick-up the news from previous evening. The duration of those is pretty much optimum to my journey to work, so I’m usually finished just when I get to my own desk. This way I’m of course not up-to-date on all details, but I think it’s a good way to get overall understanding what’s out there and if something bigger has happened. Then if’s easy to look for more information later on if I feel that there is something specific I really want to know more of.

I have found this being perfect way for myself to utilize the time it takes to walk to work. At the same time listening something during the walk makes it feel shorter. Only downside is that this way I of course miss some of the visual content that might enrich the message. If your own trip though would contain sitting in a bus or tram, you could naturally take also benefit of the visual side.

I hope this tip might be useful also to you : )

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