Late Demo for Sprint #3

”Better late than never” is a saying in Finland – which describes this post very well! Meaning it’s time to Demo Sprint #3 –  which first of all ended several weeks ago and the sprint itself prolonged up to 2 months… But in order to get back-on-track where I’m at, I decided to wrap-up Sprint #3 normally and thus have a basis to plan ahead the Sprint #4.

So, without further ado, let’s sum-up the status on each task. Though this time I’m going to have a bit shorter descriptions and only comment on topics where I have something to clarify.



Run according to the running program – Check!

This task was achieved according to the plan! Even in the middle chaotic work situation, I managed to keep up with my running program and even prolong the duration / lengths of the runs. Attached you can see some statistics from my sports tracker.

Run 10km in < 60km – Check!

I didn’t post this achievement anywhere – but I actually manager to achieve this target within the original deadline: end of August! I run 10km in 58min and took a picture of my watch while achieving this! In addition this was one of my sub-targets on my journey towards Marathon and I managed to achieve it in the planned schedule – so High Five to myself! ; )

Update program for 4th Sprint – Check…?

…or depends how to interpret this… I’m calculating September being part of Sprint #3 and thus October is the new Sprint #4. And for October I have created a new running program, so I’m on it ; )

Aerobic sports, August
Aerobic sports, September



Practice yoga 60min per week, where at least one practice lasts min. 30min – Check!

Yoga has been staying in the picture – which is great achievement from my point of view! This moment of piece has been really needed during past weeks. Though I must confess… during some of the yoga session, I have been at the same time watching youtube videos… I have felt being more efficient while multitasking and doing yoga and watching some health –channels or professional webinars at the same time… “ashamed smiley”

Master 18/20 Level 3 Intermediate Poses – Fail

This one I haven’t managed to achieve – though I’m close. I think I’m somewhere at 16/20, meaning that there is 4 poses left for Sprint #4. E.g. splits is something I haven’t been able to stretch myself into yet, though practicing it quite some time.

Yoga, August
Yoga, September



Behavior #1 – Drink enough water: Follow-up progress to secure that good habit is not lost – Check!

This healthy habit I have managed to maintain! ..and even though I’m not very sensitive to identifying changes in my wellbeing when doing something differently – in this case I have seen it impacting positively to snacking and binge eating. So I will continue taking care of this routine also when going forward.

Behavior #2 – Balancing macros in diet: Create a personal diet recommendation – Fail!

I managed to get close – I have almost finished mega-post in my drafts related to Macro diet. In theory I have thus created a diet recommendation to myself, but I just haven’t managed to wrap-it up and publish it here. In Agile word idea is that things are either Done or Not Done – so following this ideology I did fail this task as unfortunately “almost done” = “Not ready” : )

Behavior #2 – Balancing macros in diet: Start eating according to the recommendation – Super Fail!

Well… to be honest, I could have not failed any worse… I think I have been eating even worse during last weeks than in a long time and instead of losing fat & weights I have just gained more and have uncomfortable and un-fresh feeling in my body… So I have some work to do… : )

Behavior #2 – Balancing macros in diet: Create a follow-up mechanism – Fail!

It’s hard to follow-up something that you have never even started : ) I uploaded few Apps and tested their usability & functionalities, but that was it… And unfortunately in this case technology is not the direct key to success…

So, this is very realistic status check to my current situation and targets. This shows quite clearly that work and sports are higher up in my value map compared to wellbeing – when time has been limited I’m putting my efforts on first two and compromise the third one. This is very interesting as even my common sense tells me that this is not very long term solution – but  still I let it happen. So there is code that I need to crack: why is it so and what should I do to change my behavior. …and I think I’m not alone with this challenge : )

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