How to make your targets achievable? My plan for next 365 days

Today I’m finally writing down how I’m planning to divide my targets into more achievable sub-targets and how I utilize the “Agile” framework I described in my previous post. Doing this will help me to plan my journey for the next 365 days and increase the likelihood of achieving it!

First step when doing this planning is to divide the main targets into few sub-targets. This will form the so called “backlog” which is a list of things I want to achieve during my journey. My sub-targets could be the following:

Sports: I want to run a marathon as part of an official running event.

  1. Run 10km in less than 60min
  2. Run half-marathon
  3. Run full marathon (final target)

Wellbeing / Body: I’m going to improve my flexibility and balance by doing yoga more frequently and thus to be able to perform all “Advanced” level asanas defined by Yoga Journal

  1. Learn “Beginners” level asanas
  2. Learn “Intermediate” level asanas
  3. Learn “Advanced” level asanas (final target)

Energy: I’m going to improve my worst habits in order to feel better and more energetic both at work and sports. To ensure my progress, I’m going to use InBody -measurement as a proof of it and especially the “visceral fat” measure which I’m going to decrease by 0.5 percent points.

  1. Analyze and identify top 10 problem areas in your behavior
  2. Fix 2-3 at a time until all 10 are fixed

This is the list of things I want to get done during next 365 days. It might still change during the journey once I get wiser, but at least this list is a good starting point. When I look these things individually, I think they start to look quite reasonable and easily approachable compared to the complete targets!

Second step is to build the schedule. As my own deadline is in 365 days, it can be nicely split into four 3 months periods. For a sprint duration I decided to choose 4 weeks a.k.a one month. This duration is the maximum for a sprint as having a detailed plan for 4 weeks ahead might be already challenging as the amount of unknown increases so much for the latter part of the sprint (e.g. unknown business trips, sickness…). But I’m anyway going to try 4 weeks sprints, and if needed shorten them during the journey.

Third step is to choose targets for the first period. It’s naturally smart to start with the “easiest” ones which will build the foundation for the final targets. I chose my first period targets to be “10km run in less than 60min”, “Beginners level asanas”, “Identifying my top 10 worst behaviors” and “Fixing the first two”,

Based on the above, my plan for the next 365 days will look the following:

Fourth step will then be all about creating a detailed plan for the first period. In practice this will mean creating “stories” and “tasks” that take me to the first sub-targets and scheduling them for the sprints. I will talk about this on a separate post though as otherwise this post will end up being a mile long : )

If there is someone behind the screen reading this blog, I will challenge also you to join my project. Please share your own target in the comment box and accompany me for to the next 365 days : )

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