Sprint #4 Demo! What have I achieved during October.

Someone has pressed fast-forward on October! This means it’s again time to have a recap what has happened with my tasks and targets during this month.

In general I can say that October was not one of my most energetic sprints. One of the reasons has been a minor, but nasty foot problem that has been troubling me few weeks already and thus also limited by running a bit. Luckily October has been still so warm that I have been able to compensate some of the running with bicycling and thus given some break to my foot. I have bit nasty habit to heal my self according to a mantra “it cures with the same as it was caused”. But, unfortunately this time continuing running and other sports normally hasn’t yet removed this issue… I guess age/years doesn’t come alone ; )

So, let’s have a look again to the achievements and flops of the last month!


Practice according to the program – Check!

This I managed to achieve with lowest acceptable level due to the foot issues mentioned above. But I still aimed to do the minimum during every week and by doing cycling and other similar sports at the gym I hope I have managed to keep my running condition at least the same as before.

Run coopers test to identify current level – Fail!

This one I missed completely so it will be moved to the next sprint!Aerobic sports, October

*The “clock” icon describes my interval trainings


Practice yoga 90min per week, where at least one lasts 30min – Check!

In this one I surprised myself positively, meaning I manager to increase my yoga levels up to the new target! I start gradually seeing the results as increased flexibility – thoughthere is still way to go to full spits. So some work left to the next sprint in order to close all level 3 poses.

Yoga, October


Master all other level 3 poses – except splits – Check!

You can follow my level 3 pose progress in Instagram – though I’m running there a bit behind with the documentation and not all poses are yet posted.


Finalize a post about macro diet – Check!

I managed to finalize my mega-post around this topic and it’s now published! See the post from here, in case you are interested to read more about macro based diet.

Start eating according to the recommendation & Create a follow-up mechanism – Check!

I’m combining the two last tasks together as they are hard to do separately: how would I know that I’m starting to eat according to the recommendations in case I’m not able to follow it up. I have been taking into use one of the several available Food Diary Apps and during last 1,5 half weeks I have been following-up my eating behaviors. Based on this information I have tried to adjust my habits into correct direction. This is a topic that will require it’s own post, so I’m not going to even try to describe any further details in this one : )


Summa-summarum, I feel that despite of all the still continuing workload and my foot issues, I have managed pretty well with my sprint. And only one task was left undone: Cooper. And the results of that are something I’m definitely looking forward to see – so see you in next sprint!

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