Spring + Running is always a good idea

Spring has finally arrived also to Finland! Thus instead of heading to the gym, I decided to go running to enjoy the sun and the nature that begins to wake up after the long winter. I went  running to the near by central park. I always prefer running on a sand baths instead of on asphalt. In addition there is plenty of small baths across the park, which gives nicely variety to the route.

I must say it was very nice to run again. During the winter, skiing replaced the running completely so I have been back on running only few weeks. Even though both are aerobic sports, it’s still quite different to run versus ski. At least I can feel the difference in my legs, so need to still take some time to get used to running again. We started with peaceful 6km run and had a  cooling down walk afterwards.

Even though I haven’t yet decided which could be my next sports related target, I aim to choose a sport that can be done one way or another outside and in the nature. At least for me, being outside gives much more energy than toiling inside. Even though very unpredictable weather conditions in Finland will spice-up any outside sports it’s own special way ; )

After the run, me and my husband decided to balance it out with a short break to a cozy coffee place in the park. We have been passing it by several times, but never stopped. Now we enjoyed some tee and coffee. It was nice place to sit down and enjoy the waking-up nature and a sunny day.

The WellSt. is here!

Do you want to feel good? Do you want to have high energy and be fit? Do you enjoy being outside and in the nature? Do you get inspired by beautiful pictures? So Do I!

How about setting targets to your self? Do you like to challenge yourself? Does that motivate you to do things differently / better? So you like to have many things on-going at the same time? Both at work and Leisure? …and  do you sometimes forget your targets? So Do I!

If the above mentioned topics feel familiar and interesting to you, welcome to my blog where I share my thoughts and (hopefully) also my actions around these topics. I want to activate my self to do more things I find meaningful, make me feel better, challenge myself and most importantly do this all in a good balance.

At business, there is a saying “you get what you measure”. I’m now aiming to follow this tip also personally and set myself goals which would motivate and activate me around the above mentioned areas. In this blog I’m aiming to share with you what I’m doing & learning in order to achieve my goal(s). And if I’m lucky, I’m hoping to lure few of you potential readers to join this journey, as I want this blog to be a source of inspiration both to myself and you readers, who might potentially find your way in here!

So welcome to join this journey, Here we go!