10km Running program: Weeks 5 – 8

With the new sprint comes also an updated Running Program! In order to keep the running exciting and also progressive, I have decided to update the program for every Sprint meaning every 4 weeks.

During Sprint #2 I ran according to my first Running program and I found it working generally well for me. It was manageable: not too easy, but not too challenging either. Naturally I have some running background, so it’s definitely not a program for beginners but more for people who have been running more or less systematically few times a month though not very long routes either time or kilometer wise.

For Sprint #3 I decided to do following updates based on my experiences from Sprint #2:

  1. Add alternative option for running: one run can be replaced by another form of aerobic training, e.g. bicycling. I find it a good thing to have possibility to vary running to other forms of training to (a) keep the program interesting, motivating and flexible enough and (b) minimize risk of injuries by varying the form of strain to your body. In Sprint #2 I noticed that even though I bicycled a lot, I still also “forced” myself to do also all three runs every week as otherwise I would have felt it to be cheating – thus it’s good to have it written in the program, that occasionally it’s OK to switch between running and other sports ; )
  2. Add-up the challenge of the program. As I was able to manage this program well during previous Sprint, it means that I’m ready for some extra challenge in order to keep progressing on my journey. For Sprint #3 the extra challenge will come by simply increasing the duration of the exercises to build-up the endurance. Other way to increase the challenge would be to add intensity in the training, but I decided to go with duration. Let’s look at the intensity perhaps in next sprint!

With the above learnings the updated Running Program will look the following:

10km running program, weeks 5-8


Plan for Sprint #3 – What I’m going to achieve during next 4 weeks!

Sprint #3 has started so it’s time to report my detailed plan also here in the blog. Excitingly this will be the last Sprint of the first 3 month period which means that at the end of this Sprint I should be able to Demo having achieved my first sub-targets on my 365-day challenge!

As last time, I started my planning for Sprint #3 by reviewing the outcome of previous Sprint and my original Sprint Plan & Period targets. Combination of these resulted to a plan for Sprint #3.


My Running related tasks will remain similar as earlier due to the fact that I think it worked well. I will continue running according to slightly updated program (which I will make a separate post here soon). In addition I noticed that creating an updated program for the next sprint could be an official task of it own in each sprint to make sure that I remember to update / upgrade it systematically. This way each version of the program is active 4 weeks at a time and after that I’ll add up the challenge to make to I develop all the way to marathon readiness : ) In addition to these, the last task is the existing one “running 10km in less than 60min” meaning that with that task I complete the final goal of my first period!

Flexibility / Yoga

With yoga, I’ll also continue on quite straight forward bath. After having tackled the Beginner’s poses in the second Sprint, I’ll continue practicing the 3rd level poses (meaning the easier end of the intermediate poses). I have set myself an target that during this Sprint I should be able to perform 18/20 poses. The last two are so challenging that I will give myself more time for them and pre-plan to be finished with them in Sprint #4 – though naturally I also start practicing them in Sprint #3.

Energy / Wellbeing

On wellbeing, I’ll continue working on the two old topics, but with different focus. I’ll continue following-up “drinking enough water” to secure that this new routine wont die when I get back to normal routines a.k.a back to work. In addition I want to write a post related to importance and benefits on drinking enough water in order to remind & motivate myself (and perhaps one of you too) to keep up with it! Main focus in Sprint #3 will then be on improving my diet and securing correct macros. This means I will make sure to take all the theories I have been reading about during previous sprint into action during this Sprint! These two topics will take plenty of time & energy from me, so I’m not picking-up any 3rd item as tempted I might be. That would risk losing my focus from these two and thus not making any progress on any of the area.

After the above considerations, this will be the final plan for my Sprint #3. Wish me luck : )

Sprint #3 Plan