My plan for Sprint #4 + the Second Period

My 4th Sprint on my 365-day journey has already started, and is progressing full speed ahead! I did the plan on what I want to achieve already some time ago, and now I finally have the time to update it also here!

As at the same time this is the beginning of a whole new period, it was also time to do some forward looking planning and decide objectives for the next 3 month Period and then break it down to more detailed tasks. These tasks then describe what I need to do in more detail during each sprint to achieve my targets by the end of the period. In case you are interested to know more about this planning method, read more form my earlier post which describes “how to make your targets achievable” .

Main themes for my Period #2 are following:
  1. Achieving my second running related sub-target: Running a half-marathon by the end of the period.
  2. Increasing my yoga time and moving to practice level 4 poses (out of 5 levels in total)
  3. Focusing on my wellbeing by fixing my eating habits a.k.a macros and sucker cravings and thus returning back a Fresh feeling.

If I manage to achieve these Period #2 targets, it means I will be moving in good phase towards my final end goals!

New program

You can find the end result of my more detailed plan from the below table which sums-up both my tasks for the on-going sprint #4 as well as for the 2 up-coming sprints. And as usual – this will be a living document and it will be updated according to how reality hits me during the Period – as it very much did during Period #1 : )

Wish me luck : )

Sprint #4 Plan


Running program for weeks 13-20

Today I’m sharing my new running program. Instead of updating it once a month / sprint, which was my original idea, I have decided to update it only every second month. I noticed that doing an update every month is a bit too frequent – at least at this point of time. One reason for this being that my program is not 100% exact on what each running week should look like, but it’s pretty flexible – thus different weeks can look very different depending how I decide to execute the program. For example I might change the order of the runs, might do sometimes cycling instead of running and especially the interval training might look very different from time to time: sometimes it’s fast & short spurts, sometimes longer spurts and sometimes running stairs etc. Thus the program is not getting boring even though on paper it looks the same every week. In addition, there are weeks when I have actually been running more than my program tells me to and then again there are week when I have been running the bare minimum. Especially during those weeks, it has been great asset to have this program as it has helped me to motivate my self to go outside instead of staying on sofa with a good book after a long day at work : )

Trail Running

Trail Running

Changes I did to the program this time are pretty small: I have mainly increased the duration of both my accelerating and long & slow run. When thinking my next sub-target I think adding the length of my runs instead of intensity is more relevant. Thus I can accustom both my mind and legs into longer runs – to be exact towards my 21,0975km goal ; )

So, here is the program which I’m going to follow the upcoming weeks:

Running program, weeks 13-20