Where to eat in Prague? My top Restaurant tips

Let’s get back to Prague still for a while in a form of ”where to eat when in Prague”. I myself like to read tips and recommendations related to good places to eat and drink and that is why I also decided to share mine to you. Choosing a restaurant abroad can sometimes be tricky – at least for me! There is so much to choose from and so few opportunities to try them out, so it creates some stress and high expectations because choosing one wrong means that ´just lost one of your changes to enjoy great food ; ) This time we managed to choose e x t r e m e l y great places to eat and thanks to that belongs to good tips picked up both form other blogs and Tripadvisor!


Coco Van is a cute café and literally a retro van which is styled very nicely in a “boho” style. Around the van can be found chairs and picnic blankets conveniently placed in a shade of big trees. It’s nice to sit down and enjoy cup of coffee or homemade lemonade. Location is also top-notch as the van in located in Shooter’s Island (which I tipped in my Top 10 tips for Prague -post).

Coco Van Prague

Good Food is a “Trdelnik” bakery located on one of the main tourist street. This offers fresh Cinnamon buns served from “a stick” which is a local treat called “Trdelnik”. In the bakery you can follow how they roll the pastry around the stick, roll it in a chosen topping and then grill it. You can order these with many different tasting toppings and fillings and  (e.g. jam, ice-cream, chocolate…) . We ended-up choosing the plain traditional one with cinnamon and nut-crunch topping to avoid  complete sucker-over-doze.  Enjoying this fresh from the grill and with a nice river view was <3 !

Trdelnik Prague

Trdelnik Prague



Estrella was an excellent vegetarian restaurant  which we found based on Tripadvisor recommendations. Food was very good, restaurant had a nice atmosphere and location convenient as it was just in the hoods of old down. Apparently the restaurant was very popular among the locals as it was fully booked by pre-reservations. We were lucky because we were having dinner quite early (around 6pm) and thus we managed to get a table with a condition that we are not planning to spend there several hours with several courses : )

[one_half padding=”0 2px 0 0″]Estrella Prague[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 2px”]Estrella Prague[/one_half_last]


Clear Head was another vegetarian restaurant which we also found based on Tripadvisor. Food was again very tasty, I eat an salad which had one of the tastiest dressing I have ever tasted. This restaurant was also fully booked in the evening, but thanks to our early schedule we again managed to get a table.

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[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 2px”]Clear Head Prague[/one_half_last]


Wine & Food Market is a cozy Italian restaurant. Location is not very nice and we almost gave up when walking towards it – but afterwards thinking I’m happy we didn’t. This restaurant is close to Vhyserad caste and we visited it for lunch after having walked around the castle area. I had tortellini’s and my husband had pizza. Both portions were amazingly tasty, though simple and fresh – meaning true Italian  food : ) Portions were fairly small though so I would recommend having a side-order or appetizers in case you feel very hungry. This recommendation I found from Kira’s blog.

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Lobella was quite basic hamburger restaurant, but worth mentioning due to it’s price / quality. This was very beef –focused place and list had only hamburgers and two salads.  I chose salad which was very tasty and h u g e. My husband had a burger which was very basic, but again very tasty due to fresh and quality ingredients. Location is a bit further away from the old city center, but still a walking distance. This place we found again via Tripadvisor.

Lobella restaurant Prague

Bella Vista is my last recommendation, though I’m recommending this with a bit mixed feelings. We paused there without planning too much after having visited the Prague castle and starting to feel a bit hungry. Location and views in this restaurant are a m a z I n g and that is the sole reason why I’m recommending this place! We chose here the traditional Gulas –soup which in Prague usually comes interestingly inside a bread. Food was OK, but price had definitely some tourist-add-on. Also the service in this restaurant was not very nice – even rude sometimes (though that also happens in other places at Prague). Despite that, I’m still willing to recommend the place as sunny day in a shade of old monastery was worth some extra price and rude service ; )

[one_half padding=”0 2px 0 0″]Bella Vista Prague[/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 0px 0 2px”]Bella Vista Prague[/one_half_last]

I hope that I’m able to help someone with the difficult choices on picking a good restaurant in Prague – the same way as I got help for myself : )

Top 10 tips for Summer Prague

What to do in Prague? Today I’m sharing my best tips for Prague based on out long weekend there in the beginning of June. I must say that we enjoyed Prague a lot. It is a very beautiful, old and well maintained / preserved city.  and it was just a perfect location for a quick 4 day visit. It was just small enough to mainly go around by walking. Though when needed, the public transportation was also well organized and convenient to use. We also had some luck with the weather as every day was sunny and warm, but then again not too hot to be in a city. If anyone is planning a visit in Prague, at least I can warmly recommend it and share my best tips what to do while in town!

Panoramic views / Parks:

1: Vhyserad is an areas south of Prague which has beautiful park, Prague’s oldest building (small round tower) and an old church. Bets part of the area is the old castle wall is surrounding the park and you can walk all a way around it and at the same time enjoy the panoramic scenery. Vhyserad is a bit further away form the city center and we took a metro there and walked back. Route back to the city goes along the river bank and is thus nice to walk and works as nice afternoon walk (roughly 3km). One good thing in the slightly more distant location is that this area had clearly less tourists compared to other areas!

2: Petrin hill is a nice park located on eastern side of the city center. This park has nice views opening up to the old town. If you are interested to hike even higher there is a replica of an Eiffel  Tower on top of the fill against a small fee. We skipped this one though as I think the same scenery can be seen already from several other spots. Walking up and down the hill is again nice activity for the day in order to get some exercise. You can also take a funicular a.k.a. small tram up to the hill if walking is not your thing – but just be aware of long queues : ) Also a tip when visiting the park: On top of the park there is a nice green garden area, but due to many trees, the scenery isn’t that great. The actual views come when you walk down the pathways and when you hit the north-west area of the park. In that area you have a nice view to the old town and it’s also very popular picnic area by locals. During the afternoon there were several couples and families having picnic on the lawn with good food and wine.

Petrin Hill Scenery

3: Shooter’s Island is an island located in the river Vltava. This was one of our favorite spots in the city during the warm afternoons. Island is located in central place of Prague having direct view e.g. to Charles Bridge. We sat down on the river bank during several days. On one day we also visited the near by grocery store and picked up picnic snacks, enjoyed nice views and gave a well deserved rest to our poor feet after all the walking : ) There are also few café’s on the island and a stage where seemed to be frequent activities during summer time. E.g. on one day local dancing school was presenting their courses and there was short shows all the way from pole dancing to traditional Irish river dance.

Shooter's island Praque

Museums / Places to visit:

4: Prague Castle is one of the top sightseeing in Prague and not without a reason. Castle forms a great view when looking it from distance, but additionally it’s interesting to pay a visit also inside the castle area. You can buy different combination tickets to the castle so it’s worth planning it a bit in advance to decide how much you want to go around. Combination ticket is also handy from the point of view that you can use it in two consecutive days in a row meaning that you don’t have to run around the whole area in one day if you don’t want to. We took the smaller combi-ticket which enabled us e.g. visit to the old castle, cathedral and “Golden Lane” –street. Out of these I think the Golden Lane was the most interesting one. It’s and old handicraft street inside the castle where you can visit inside the small apartments where people with different professions lived. Additionally it has large armor museum with some very interesting form and sculptures. In addition to these ticket-only areas, I recommend taking a walk in the part surrounding the castle which again has nice panoramic views to the old town.

Praque castle

5: Naruda –street is an old street that starts from the eastern end of the Prague Castle. This area is one of the oldest in Prague. Street if very picturesque and well preserved. The interesting fact on the street is that some of the buildings still have the old identifications of the houses. Before taking the numbering into use, houses were known by they names and the logos / pictures representing the name were e.g. painted on the house.  It was fun to guess the names of different houses, e.g. Golden Horseshoe, Red Eagle, Three Little Fiddles etc. To read more about the house names and which house number they belong to, check e.g. this site.

6: Central square / Astronomic clock tower locates in the hearth of the old town and is with the Prague Castle one of the most known sightseeing. Area is very old and pretty so worth checking despite the tourist masses. It’s worth also to schedule your visit to even hour as that’s when the old clock rings and has a small puppet show. We though missed this one as the clock was under renovation. In addition to this square, I recommend walking around the hearth of the old town as it has plenty of atmospheric small streets and buildings.

7: Jewish cemetery is part of Jewish museum entity. Cemetery is very small are in the whole museum, but it’s something nicely different. In this small area there is literally thousands of gravestones placed on small area surrounded by green grass and trees. Time seems to be paused in this spot and the atmosphere is very calm and beautiful. With the same ticket you can also visit the museum which has some interesting cultural history.

8: Beatles memorial is a wall in Kampa Island painted fully with colorful graffiti. It has quotes of Beatles songs, pictures etc. It’s a nice place to take few artistic photos either with or without yourself in them : )

Beatles Memorial

Shops / Activities

9: Cinnamon Cookie shop is a cute small shop in Kampa island. According to it’s name the shop is full of nicely decorated cookies. It also works as a cafe and in the backyard they have few chairs and tables to sit down on a sunny day.  This works also very well as inspiration to the traditional cookie-decoration that we do every Christmas ; )

Cookie shop Praque

10: Renting a boat at Vltava was a nice activity during a warm afternoon. And when looking the queues we weren’t the only ones thinking that way! Along Vltava river there are few spots where you can rent the boats for an hour or two.

River Vltava Praque

Finally a general tip when planning your days: there seems to be plenty of tourists in Prague (or at least was in the beginning of June) so I recommend preparing to queue in the main tourist attractions. Tip to avoid queuing is to head to the main attractions early in the morning as based on our experience there is mush less people during 8-10 in the morning compared to the rest of the day. For example arrived to the Prague castle 9am sharp when it opened and there was pretty much no one there. When we left the castle around 11am the queue was h u g e, I bet the last people in the queue must have had to wait 1-1,5 hours in order to get in. And that queue was only to get to the castle area – most likely they needed to wait immediately in another queue in order to buy the tickets!

Evening view Prague

So, this sums-up my tips to Prague! I will share some restaurant tips in another post as none of the above will be fun unless you don’t fuel yourself properly during the day ; )