My top 10 habits I want to change

This time I’m into something fun: speculating publicly my worst behaviors! Well, they say that admitting them is the first step towards healing, so I guess that’s just something you need to get done and over with in order to get  better in the future : ) Some of my bad behaviors came-up already in my previous post where I wrote about my values and what I’m doing already today to get closer / further away from them. This was done on very high level, so in order to start improving around them I need to take them to more detailed and concrete around the target related to increasing wellbeing & high energy.

I ended up having both big and small topics on my top 10 list. In addition I aimed at keeping them on very concrete level. For example I wont put “high stress” on my list because it’s very comprehensive topic which can be a result of many different things and thus can’t be fixed in one 4 weeks sprint. Instead I try to list down things that cause stress like “long days at work”, “daily meeting marathons”, “organization changes” etc. Out of these I then choose top 10 topics that I want to deep dive during remaining 11 sprints / months.

To choose my top 10 topics I used two criteria: how much the topic impacts my wellbeing AND can I truly impact the topic. One of my favorite saying fits this situation very well:

Give me power to change what I can change,

Give me courage to accept what I can’t change,

Give me wisdom to know the difference.

To sum it up, it’s wasted energy to try impact and speculate things that you can’t change yourself and then again it’s stupid to suffer / complaint on things you can actually impact yourself. So, then let’s get to the actual list. On this list I have defined topics on quite high level, thus I need to detail both the topics and my expectations case by case when I start working with them in upcoming sprints:

  1. Amount of Sleep: Test what amount of sleep is enough and make sure to reach it during work weeks and weekends
  2. Binge Eating during evenings: Fix habits on eating late in the evenings
  3. Long days at work / working during evenings: Identify limits and work towards limiting the amount of extra hours
  4. Hectic days / meeting marathons: Manage my schedules so that meetings don’t eat up all working time
  5. Sucker-obsession: Control it and limit my sucker intake!
  6. Drinking enough water: Make sure to drink enough
  7. Sitting long periods: Avoid sitting down too long periods at work (and home!)
  8. Continuous execution / multitasking: Learn to relax and pause once a while with good conscious
  9. Balancing the macros in my diet: Make sure to get good balance on carbohydrates, fats and proteins – e.g. I suspect I’m not getting these today in correct balance
  10. Balancing the micros in my diet: Make sure to get enough vitamins, fibers etc.

These are the topics I’m going to fix during next 11 sprints. I’m not going to prioritize them as I’m anyway going to pick them up randomly based on the situation when doing the planning for next sprint. As an example it would be foolish to fix the “amount of sleep” during summer vacation when I’m usually naturally sleeping more than I do when being at work. Thus I might be able to fix this topic easily during the sprint, but would most likely fall back into my bad habits immediately when getting back to work. On the other hand what I am going to do is to evaluate case-by-case is there some dependency between these topics which would make it smart to pick-up one topic before another one. E.g. it might be better to fix first the macros in my diet before trying to impact the binge eating during evenings or my sucker-obsession as balancing to macros might naturally also help fixing the other ones.

Next step after having identified these top 10 behaviors will be to decide which one of them I will pick up for the sprint #2. I have still one week to go before having to do that decision though, so let’s give it some time before making the final call : )