Time for a second Demo! What have I achieved during last 4 weeks

Four weeks have passed again and it means it’s time for Demo #2! As a recap: purpose of the Demo is to check have I managed to perform all tasks that I planned for the sprint, demo the achievements and evaluate how the sprint went overall. Based on the review of last sprint, one is able to do a better plan again for the next starting sprint. I you want to check my original sprint #2 plan, you can check it from here.

In total I had 11 tasks for Sprint #2, meaning roughly 2-3 per target. For this Sprint I dared to pick few extra tasks due to the fact that I was on summer vacation most of the sprint and had thus more time for myself : ) As last time, let’s now review task by task how did I manage with them.

Tasks related to 10km Run:

1: Run Cooper Test to for starting level – Check!

Done! I ran 2060m in Cooper Test which resulted to “Average” running condition. You can read more about the topic from my post dedicated to Cooper Test and How & Why to run it : )

2: Exercise according to the new program  Check!

Done! In Sprint #1 I defined myself a running program and during Sprint #2 I have followed it 100 percent! : ) I have made sure that each week has contained 3 different running training and the supporting strength training. In addition during summer vacation I have also bicycled actively which has been nicely adding the amount of aerobic training – and also given some variation to the exercise which is better for the body and thus (hopefully!) hasn’t burdened it too much.

[two_third padding=”0 5px 0 0x”]July Workout Summary, Calendar[/two_third]

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July Workout Summary, Activities

10km running program

Tasks related to Beginner’s Yoga Poses:

3: Document all beginner’s asanas Check!

Done! You can read more about these from separate posts where I’m deep diving into each pose separately. in addition I ended up dividing the beginner’s asanas into two levels: Level #1 and Level #2.  These levels are defined based on the complexity and sequence of the poses – mastering one level at the time will help to build step by step the foundation for the more complex version of each pose.

4: Practice two of missing beginners poses – Check!

Done! During first Sprint I found out that I can already manage most of the beginner’s poses and thus in my second sprint I had only two poses left to practice: ”Standing Forward Bend” and ”Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend”. With some practice and stretching I was able to cover also them good enough which means I think I’m now ready to officially move to the “Intermediate level poses”!

5: Try out all intermediate level asanas and list which ones will need more practice  Check!

Done! This was definitely an interesting task as it gave a step more challenge to my yoga practice! While mainly focusing on mastering properly the beginner’s yoga poses I also briefly tested through the intermediate poses. This gives me more concrete facts when planning the sprint #3 – I know what’s realistic to expect as an outcome. I ended up doing the same trick with Intermediate poses ad I did with Beginner’s poses: I divided also them into two levels, level #3 and #4. Thus in Sprint #2 I mainly focused testing the Level #3 poses as they will be next in focus. As an end result I got the following: out of 20 poses I’m able to perform 8 pretty well already now, 9 will need somewhat more practice and last 3 are completely impossible for me right now : ) So as a conclusion, Sprint #3 will bring me some nice challenge!

6: Practice yoga 60min per week, where at least one practice lasts min. 30min  Check!

Done! This was be once again verified my checking my Sports Tracker which I use to follow-up all my exercises. In fact during July I even managed to exceed my targets as based on the statistics I have done yoga 2-4h per week! Main reason for this has definitely been the vacation period and thus having more time for myself. Thus I’m not going to increase my targets significantly for Sprint #3 and expect this trend to continue ; ) But due to having had all this time, I notice some difference on my body. I’m clearly more flexible than before and also have avoided bad muscle-ache even though having done more training on daily basis than normally (bicycling, running etc.).

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Standing Forward Bend Pose[/one_third]

[two_third_last padding=”0 0px 0 5x”]July Yoga Summary[/two_third_last]

Tasks related to Improving the Wellbeing:

7: Innovate: how to remember drink enough and 8: Keep drinking diary  Check!

Done and Done! I decided to combine these two as I noticed that at least for me they work hand-in-hand. Measuring myself by keeping a drinking diary is the best motivator to remember to drink more : ) When I know that I’m tracking it, it a) in itself works as a reminder during the day to drink and b) I don’t want to stay below the target and have “bad record” in my history ; ) There are several free (and payed) apps available to help out follow your daily drinking. I chose to use “Daily Water” app which was good enough and simple to use. I’m not going to go into more details in this post though as I’m planning to write a more specific one during Sprint #3.

9: Drink, drink and drink : )  Check!

Done! Sounds easy, but definitely it required some practice : ) As I mentioned above the best motivator for my self was the awareness that I was tracking it. In the beginning I noticed that I ended up drinking quite heavily during the evening in order to reach the target. This resulted to some unwanted wake-ups during the night though ; ) Gradually I gt better on diving it evenly for the whole day and e.g. starting the day with large glass of water. Based on my statistics I missed my targets few times in the beginning of the sprint but then got better at it and mostly managed to reach the target level of 11 glasses of water per day.

10: Read Diet & Macro related books & research  Check!

Done! During my vacation I had nicely time to read some books and facts related to the topic. This will help a lot in next sprint when I start to work my diet towards balanced macros as at least theoretically I know what I should do so now I “only” need to do it ; ) I read e.g. Kaisa Jaakkola’s book and blog, several fitness / wellness magazines and few other sports related books. All of them gave similar tips and reference figures. But – let’s again get to this topic in more detail during Sprint #3!

11: Create a plan for spring #3 how to follow-up and improve on this  Not Done 🙁

Unfortunately this one I didn’t manage to finish. I read eagerly all the facts around the topic, but didn’t manage to take it on my personal level and make own plan and calculations on how I should prefer eating. Thus this task will move to Sprint #3. Main reason for missing this was most likely the a m a z i n g summer we have had in Finland – which has made me minimize all my time on computer : ) Other reason might have been the underlying fear towards this task as I know this will be a huge one – e.g. it will include weighting all my portions for some time in order to learn the proper amounts etc. But I’m eager to this (also) this fixed so in Sprint #3 it’s time to take one’s courage in both hands : )

[one_fifth padding=”0 8px 0 0px”]Daily Water App[/one_fifth]

[four_fifth_last padding=”0 0px 0 8px”]July, Water Drinking statistics[/four_fifth_last]


As a summary I could state that Sprint #2 was very successful and fun. Summer and vacation was the big enabler for this as it made it easy to prioritize my own wellbeing. Let’s see how this good flow will continue in next sprints when things get more challenging and work steals big portion of my time back : ) Main thing naturally is to keep that realism in mind when doing the planning and not try to  take too much in at once! Looking thus forward to the sprint #3 – which is also the last sprint of the first Period  and after that I should have reached my first real sub-targets and thus be step closer to my actual, final targets!

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