Time for the first Demo: What have I managed to do during last 4 weeks?

For weeks has passed fast and that means it’s time for the first Demo! Exciting : ) Purpose of the demo is to check have I managed to finish all my tasks according to the plan and to evaluate how I felt the last sprint in general. Based on this I can then create a better plan for the next sprint, meaning for July. If you are interested to recap what was my original plan for June, you can find it here.

I had eight tasks planned for this first sprint, meaning roughly 2-3 tasks per main target. So, let’s walk each of them through one by one and I’ll describe did I manage to achieve it, how was it and would I do something differently if I would need to plan it again.

Tasks related to 10km run:

1: Get familiar with different running programs – Check!  

Done! I browsed through few books, magazines and websites related to running and/or running programs. In addition to some other interesting stuff, I managed to find good info on basics of running programs. I think this task was very interesting as even though I have been reading about these things before, I have never really got anything concrete out of it. This time I got more because I was reading it with a purpose of creating one of my own. Thus this task worked very well and I recommend having this on my agenda also later on once I need again upgrade the running program when I aim for the next levels in my target : )

2: Build your own running program – Check!

Done! Based on the above task I managed to build a program that suit me and my needs. I wrote a separate post about that one which you can find from here.

3: Run cooper’s test – Not done : (

This one I unfortunately missed. I aimed to do it during the last week, but due to nasty flue that I caught during midsummer, I haven’t been able to do anything hard or pulse increasing sport during the whole week. Thus this task will need to be moved to the next sprint as I still find it relevant and something I want to get done. What I learned from this throwback? Never plan anything like this after Finnish midsummer as likelihood is high that the traditional (read = cold and rainy) midsummer weather causes some nasty flue ; )

Tasks related to Beginner’s level poses

4: Practice yoga once a week, at minimum 30min – Check!

Done! This I can validate via sports tracker which I use for all my activity follow-up. I noticed that focusing full 30min to yoga was something new for me. Usually I do yoga here and there during the week, e.g.. after a training or shortly in the morning or evening. Also I found it difficult to find the time for that: weeks at work have been very hectic and thus I (again) have prioritized more intensive exercise over yoga – which most likely is the worst I can do as relaxing with some yoga would have done better for me than e.g. running : ) So as a conclusion, I definitely need to continue on working with my priorities. On the other hand, having this as official task made me motivated to get it done and find the time when previously I would have just skipped it. Thus having it as official task seems to work for me, though I still want to change it be something I do naturally and not something I only do when I force myself to do it.

5: Test all beginner’s level asanas and list out which of them require still further practice – Almost Check!

Done! …though documentation is a bit lacking behind. This means I have tested out all asanas and concluded that following poses need further practice: Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend and Standing Forward Bend. I have published part of the poses in my Instagram, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to photo all of them yet, so finishing that will be a minor left-over task for sprint #2. I was positively surprised though how many asanas I was able to complete directly! Though I feel that these beginner’s poses are fairly easy and thus it seems that I have over estimated the time I need to accomplish them. It’s highly likely that I can close the target related to beginner’s asanas already after sprint #2 and thus get already started with intermediate ones during the first Period!

Target’s related to wellbeing:

6: Identify your worst habits that consume your energy / wellbeing – Check!

Done! During two weeks time, I listed down my bad habits in a Note that I had created to my phone. I listed things down every time a came up with one and/or when I found myself doing one : ) Not very rewarding task, but as I mentioned already admitting these is the first step towards being able to get rid of them ; ) This listing didn’t reveal any new habits that I would have not been aware of already. But it sure did open my eyes when listing them down and admitted to myself that now it’s time to get rid-off at least some of them.

7: Choose top 10 habits that you think are worst / most realistic to get rid of

Done! Based on the above created list, I chose 10 worst habits which still are realistic to change. I wrote also a post about this which you can find here. I think these two tasks were the easiest one to finish – now starts the most difficult part: changing your own habits!

8: Do In-Body –measurement to know your starting point – Check!

Done! I did this last week, so now I have fresh results to work with. I have done these measurements once a while during last 7 years so I have few checkpoints to follow-up my body development. I haven’t had the time yet to analyse the new results in detail, but with glance I can say that these are unfortunately among the worst ones. But then again this doesn’t surprise me at all as I know I have been living differently during last 6 months. But I still find this a good eye opener as having it black on white on a paper gives me the wake-up call I have been needing! This is also one of the reasons I started this whole blog as I needed a motivation boost to get my self back on track and have back the fresh feeling I’m used to have!

So, this concludes the Demo and the conclusion is that all tasks were realistic to achieve, though one of them ended-up lacking some documentation and other one was prevented by a flue. This means that cooper’s test and documentation of the yoga pose task will move to next sprint. I also found this first sprint being quite easy as it didn’t ave that much physical tasks. I’m thus eagerly waiting the upcoming sprint (which has actually already started) which takes me to the action: running, continuing yoga and changing my first bad habit! But let’s get into that in a separate post where I do the actual plan for sprint number two!

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