Plan for Sprint #5!

November! The gloomiest month (at least in Finland) is here! What I’m planning to do during this month to achieve my targets? Find here in a usual manner my plan for the sprint / month!


My main target is to heal my foot so that I can continue running with good feeling. In addition to that, I aim to continue running according to my program and to run the Cooper test to find out my current running condition!


I’m aiming to achieve also my last missing third level pose: Splits. This will require a lot of stretching and practicing, and being an active runner at the same time is not making it very easy as it makes my legs once a while very stiff ; ) In addition to finishing the 3rd level poses, I want to quickly test out all the 4th level ones to have an idea how close / far I am on achieving those.


This sprint is all-about fixing my diet and finding the energetic feeling. I want to e.g. find out if eating according to my body type (mesomorph) will suit me well. In addition to that I want to get rid of the awful sucker obsession that has been bothering me during 2018. Though I realize that time before Christmas is not the best to start fighting against sucker – and it might also result to the fact that I need to pick this task up again after Christmas to get rid of the sucker-high that it might cause. But on the other hand, this might be exactly best tie of the year to acknowledge this fact and try to avoid that eating sucker gets completely out of hands due to the fact that there is lot of possibilities for that during the Christmas times ; )

Below you can find again more detailed and measurable tasks that I’m going to work with during the upcoming month. So wish me luck… or even better: motivation : )

Sprint #5 Plan

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