I have found my next targets!

Jey! After some consideration, I have found my next targets! I have decided to choose 3 different targets, from 3 different areas in order to find balance between sports, wellbeing and good energy. Thus I make sure I’m not neglect any of these important corner stones as they all support each others. In addition, these are helping me to improve on the main points identified on my “value map” and thus help me develop further on areas I find important. Worth noting is that I could have chosen many additional targets as well. But it’s good to limit your self to choose only few targets at the time as if you try to achieve too many things at the same time, it’s more likely that you will fail. I have both own experience on this and I have read many books & researches that tell the same story, so thus trying to avoid this pitfall this time : )

My new target is the following:

During the next 365 days, I’m going to….

Sports: Run a marathon as part of an official sports event.

Wellbeing / Body: I’m going to improve my flexibility and balance by doing yoga more frequently and thus to be able to perform all “Advanced” level asanas defined by Yoga Journal

Energy: I’m going to improve my worst habits in order to feel better and more energetic both at work and sports. To ensure my progress, I’m going to use InBody -measurement as a proof of it and especially the “visceral fat” measure which I’m going to decrease by 0.5 percent points. 

When defining this target I have tried to follow the principles of the SMART framework:

Specific: I believe my targets are specific, even though it’s split into 3 categories. These categories are still clearly defined and even though they wilö have many activities within them, I’m able to follow-up specifically how I proceed on each area.

Measurable: This was a bit harder to define! Running part was easy: 42.195km is 42.195km, full stop. Yoga was slightly more difficult, that once I found these definitions from Yoga Journal, it was possible to define measurable target also on this one. The energy was most hard to define in a measurable way as it’s more based on “feelings” rather than facts. After long consideration, I decided to tie it up to the visceral fat development. I have been blessed with slim waste (as usually the material  will stick a bit lower in me ; ) and thus my bad habits correlate quite clearly with my bad habits (e.g. stress, lack of sleep, sucker…).

Achievable: When considering my own running background, I think running a marathon will be realistic challenge for me, though not an easy one. Longest run I have made so far has been 11km so I have a lot to go. But taking into consideration my skiing history and my OK-ish condition, it should be achievable with systematic planning and practice. Getting to the advance Yoga level is then another story! They don’t look too easy. But I wanted some challenge, so here I have it ; )

Relevant: I think this is an aspect I managed to cover very well. Even though this makes running my number one sport, it can also include plenty of cycling and skiing in it as they nicely support the running and resistance development. And when adding the Yoga and good energy levels on top of the more hard-core sports, I hopefully can make sure I don’t forget to also take care of my body and mind.

Time Bound: This is very clear in my target – after 365 days I will need to demo to myself that I have achieved all this!

So, now it’s clear what I’ll be working with the next 365 days. And as mentioned before after having proofed to myself that I have achieved these, then it’s time to pick and choose what are the targets for the next 365 days based on where I am with my life, interests and abilities at that point in time. Next step now is to start thinking what is my plan for the next 365 days in order to get to my target. Instead of waiting full year to see some progress, It’s important to have some mid-targets during the journey to make sure I’m on correct track and to keep my motivation high. This I will be thinking in a bit different sceneries as we took a bit ex-tempore long-weekend trip to Prague. I always enjoy reading others’ travel tips, so I think I’ll share also mine afterward in case some of you plan a trip there.

But most important is that countdown towards my new target starts today, wish me luck! : )

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