What could be my next sports related target?

Now it’s time to get step closer on nailing down my next target. I have been thinking this topic through from different points of views and would also like to share the thinking here. I hope writing them down will help me to clarify my own thoughts. Based on my “value map” exercise I have good idea which areas I want to include to my targets, so now I only need to decide how to do it.

I have concluded that I will most likely choose few different targets in order to cover more than one improvement area. Reason for this is that I think some of the improvement areas complement each others, and thus it’s better to include few of them at the same time instead of trying to sub-optimize one of them. One thing for sure though is that one of them will be related to sports one way or the other and thus this post is all about thinking through what kind of sports target would suit me best!

Let’s start by listing down those 4 things I would like to embed to my next target – if anyhow possible:

  1. Versatile: I want my target being comprehensive enough and not conflicting with things that I already do well today. For example I don’t want the topic to be something that can only be done inside and thus demotivates me being outside enjoying the nature and fresh air.
  2. Challenge: I don’t want to choose anything too easy as I miss something that would make me try new things and/or take me out of my comfort zone.
  3. Meaningful: Despite the previous point, I still want to do something I enjoy and a sport that I find interesting. That is the only way I can motivate myself to spend time doing it day by day and week by week.
  4. Time: As my blog’s name refers, I want the target to be achievable in 365 days. Thus the target needs to be something I can realistically achieve in that timeframe. My idea is that after the first 365 day period I will see where I am and then decide next target for the next 365 days.

Keeping these expectations in mind, I have listed different sports that I like doing today or which I would like to know more of. These are for example:

  1. Outdoor sports: Running, Skiing, Bicycling…
  2. Visual sports: Yoga, Dancing, Figure skating…
  3. Ball games: Tennis, Golf…

In addition to these thoughts, I need to keep in mind the “A” from the SMART –goal setting framework which I wrote about in my previous post: Target needs to be Achievable. I’m having a fulltime job which doesn’t leave me unlimited time to spend on sports. In addition I’m on the go quite often (travelling, at the summer house, visiting relatives etc.) which makes it challenging to choose a sport that is either bound to specific location or to specific time during week (like some team sports).

So… I need to now carefully consider these aspects and decide a good target out of these options. Especially I want to but emphasis on the versatility as too narrow scope doesn’t fit my own personality. On the other hand, my ambition is to be more focused and target driven than I have been in the past as otherwise I’ll just continue doing my random activities which is not providing any results or progress. Sound tricky, so let’s see what I’ll end up coming up with!

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