When work overrides everything else…

Phew. That’s all I can say when looking back the previous month. How easy it is to forget all those nice aims when work becomes super hectic and steals all your spare time? I have now had over one month pause from this blog – which also increases the barrier to get back even further. Today I had though finally time to sit down and open my laptop for some other reason than work related. During last weeks opening the laptop in the evening has meant continuing the work.  Or then I have been so sick and tired of sitting by the computer that I have avoided opening it for any other reason. Today I anyway decided that it’s time to get back and update what has happened during past week and update also myself where I am in my journey.

Work & business

I got back to work in August and first couple of weeks went fast by getting back on track with all on-going projects. At the same time there was though an organization change being prepared which I knew would impact also myself – but still not knowing exactly how. After the changes got official – it has been full speed ahead ever since! I have been continuing my old work “business as usual” but in parallel with that I have been also trying to get in to my new extended role & responsibilities. So extra working hours have been accumulating “nicely” during these weeks : )

On some level this have been a positive problem as new things also makes life more interesting and thus the hours have ben partially accumulating without noticing it. Though one definitely notices it during evening and weekends when feeling like being hit by a truck. I’m not going to go any more into details in this post – but I’m planning to get back to the topic with better time sooner or later. As I have came to a conclusion that I want to start also writing more about business & work in my blog. In my case at least these two walk closely hand-in-hand and impact each others both in good and bad. In addition I personally like to read other people’s posts related to their work as I think they offer nice inspiration or support – depending on the topic.

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What about then my 365-day project? Good news is that two out of my three targets have been surviving through this hectic period. I have been both running and practicing yoga based on my targets. I haven’t been able to achieve all my third sprint targets – but some of them. Which reminds me that I really need to do an update on where I am and what should I focus on in September a.k.a sprint #4. During September I have mostly focused on increasing time and not intensity as haven’t had the energy to do high intensity training. But I really feel that this blog has helped me to keep up my motivation to exercise. Even though I haven’t been updating anything here in long time, I have still felt accountable to live up to the promises and plans made! So – missing accomplished with setting up the blog ; )

…but not to start bragging too much, let’s move to an update around my third target “increasing my wellbeing”. Well… this one has been put brutally on-hold. And not only that, but I feel that some of my bad habits have gotten even worse. Except drinking water – that I have managed to maintain on target level! So this third target area is something I need to focus a lot more when going forward in order to get myself back on track. I need to really think why this value is on lowest priority compared to my other values as this has also very concrete consequences by making me feel very tired and low on energy.

So, this time a bit different post after a long pause! I hope to get gradually back to my normal routines and to this blog and thus be able to continue chasing my 3 objectives instead of moving away from them! In parallel I will bring in also work & business related content as I strongly feel it’s a huge part of persons wellbeing. If work is rough it will impact your energy & motivation levels also on spare time and naturally vice versa. So hope to talk to you again soon(ish) : )

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