Why did I decide to start a blog?

Idea for setting-up this blog has roots in last winter: I decided to set myself a target to ski 1000km during the winter season 2017-2018.  I did this half seriously, half on  a joke, but at the end of the day it ended up being surprisingly good way to motivate my self away from the sofa and get myself to the ski track even after long days at work and weather conditions. And how rewarding was the feeling on a one sunny day at March when the sports tracker showed 1000km.

Literally skiing in  a l l  conditions!

After this, I started thinking what could be my next target? I feel that having a clear goal gives more purpose to what you do on daily basis by having something to aim and wait for. I have noticed that once you are young, having clear goals comes more naturally, both around business / educations and in person. For example, at school you have clear path through elementary school, high school, collage / university etc. You always have a clear goals (graduation) and measures (grades). In addition you had good coaches (teachers, student councils) help you going to the correct direction. Also in hobbies you usually did more as a group where you had coaches follow-up your progress and setting you schedules on competitions / shows. Now being older, all this is on your own shoulders. Rarely in business and even less rarely in your personal life you have anyone telling you what you should do next and set you clear goals. If you want one, you have to think about them yourself and make sure others can help you achieve them. Exceptions are of course here and there, e.g. best regards to my dear friends who work in consulting ; )

I’m generally active person already today and motivated to do good in my job. Still I notice that I’m not having any concrete targets in my life to aim and celebrate when achieved. I’m of course always aiming to be “better” at what I do. But when the target is on that level, it’s quite hard to know what I should do to achieve it and even harder to actually say when it’s achieved. This results to a fact that my daily life runs smoothly and conveniently forward, but stepping away from your own comfort zone would be a good way to spice-up your life once a while. My own examples around this are:

  • Sports: I’m generally active, but I feel it’s too easy to fall into routines and repeat them day after day and thus lose a bit excitement towards your activities. This then leads to the fact that also your development is pausing as you end up doing same exercise every time at the gym and/or run the same route in a same speed every time you go jogging.
  • Diet: Again I can say that on general level I’m already eating and feeling “ok-ish”. But there is still room to improve the quality and variety of my diet to secure I get enough all key nutrients. Even though I know this, it’s still hard to get motivated enough to fix the situation. ….and thus you end up finding yourself climbing up on the cookie jar in the evening because you are hungry or stressed or whatever ; )
  • Personal Development: At my work, I have specialized to be professional around specific area and I start to be again good on this. Due to having hectic days at work, I have already long down down-prioritized my own development further or wider on this area. Work itself of course is usually the best mentor, but it’s still good to take sometimes time to look outside of your own environment / company and educate yourself how your subject is developing in the outside world.

When playing around these thoughts, I started gradually thinking setting up a blog around my project. As a visual person, I like beautiful and harmonious things around me and I always feel inspired when I see others’ pretty, fresh and/or sporty pictures. Seeing these makes me feel like going out to run / stretch / picnic etc. to get also that good feeling to myself! Thus I decided to try out if a blog of my own  would help me to cheer up my days, find motivation and inspiration to achieve my target and not let them die a slow death. Sharing here What I do, Why I do it, What information I search to support me and How it helps to achieve different things, I hope to help both myself but perhaps also you on the other side of the screen to get inspired and aim for better and more meaningful tomorrow! If my blog help to get even one of you potential readers to go out running on a  rainy Monday evening instead of parking on a sofa, I think I have succeeded with my blog : )

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