Welcome to The Wellst.
Welcome to The Wellst.


Join me in my 365 Day challenge of making every day count!


Learn Yoga with me!
Learn Yoga with me!

Being a beginner in yoga? Try out the beginner asanas.

Travel Tips to London!
Travel Tips to London!


5 Days and 20 Attractions!

Test your running condition in 12 minutes
Test your running condition in 12 minutes

Run Coopers Test!

Check how fast you you need to run for different condition levels!

Join me in My Journey!

I have collected here all the main areas in Life I find extra-interesting. Please join me in exploring and discussing about these topics!

Sport with me!

I love to stay active. Join me in talking and speculating about different sports, and especially running <3 Learn more


Eat with me!

Eat good, feel good. I love to bake and (try) to eat healthy, clean and balanced food. Learn more…


Relax with me!

I suck at pausing – that’s why I need to focus on it extra hard. Join me in my attempts to wind downs & yoga. Learn More…


Work with me!

During week days, I (try to) stay sharp in the business world which is both exciting and tiring. Lean more…


Save & Invest with me!

I love saving money, and recently I have tried also taking steps around investing is smartly. Learn more…


Achieve with me!

I love the feeling of achievement, both small and big. Thus I like to set small targets for my self. Learn more…


Travel with me!

I love exploring new cultures! Join me into my travels to New York, London, Lappland. Learn more…


DIY with me!

I love to do things with my own hands and reuse everything to the extend possible. Learn more…


Randoms with me!

Enjoy random, little joys and challenges of life with me. Don’t let the everyday life pass by you! Learn more…


Read all my posts!

If you can’t choose – read all my posts in chronological order!

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Tavoitteiden konkretisointi – Pura tavoite konkreettisiksi tehtäviksi
Viides askel 365-päivän haasteeni valmistelussa on tavoitteiden konkretisointi. Käytännössä tämä tarkoittaa tavoitteen jakamista useampaan konkreettiseen tehtävään, joihin keskitytään kuukausi kerrallaan ja nämä asiat tekemällä onkin...
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Minun visioni – mitä haluan tulevaisuuden tuovan tullessaan?
Visioni: mitä odotan seuraavan 5-10 vuoden tuovan tullessaan. Kuvakollaasi Pinterestistä auttaa visualisoimaan omat ajatukset!
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Uusi 365 -päivän haasteeni
Miten opin arvostamaan enemmän asioita, joita olen jo saavuttanut? Ja kuinka osaan nauttia uusista haasteista, jotka vievät minua taas askeleen eteenpäin kohti arvostamiani asioita?
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